+--Golden Galaxy--+


Soo Plain!  How can it be any more plane?!?
I hate the Times New Roman font

Ugh, the horror . . .  the horror.  Can you say HORRIBLE!!!  I can't believe I made something this plain.  I hated that layout after I finished writing everything, I just looked at it, and thought "My God!!  How could I have made such a hideous layout?!?!?"  The Screen capture couldn't get all of it, so it was longer than that.  The first image is the index, and the second one is what all the other pages looked like.  And you know what's sad, I worked so hard on that layout -.- .  And I can't believe I had the font Times New Roman!  Can you say the UGLIEST font ever!!  Oh well, as you can tell, I do not like this layout AT all ^^ .


Sadly, this layout was never uploaded.  I liked it, its not my fav, but I like it.  The bad thing was, the slightest difference of the setup of my browser, and it would look HORRIBLE.  And I know that everyone doesn't have it set up exactly like mine, so it bugged the hell out of me. 

Ehhh, not my favorite, but I still liked it


goldengalaxylayout004.jpg (49543 bytes)
goldengalaxylayout004_2.jpg (61732 bytes)

A very dark version of Golden Galaxy.  I had two screen captures, the top one is viewed at 800x600 resolution, and the bottom on is veiwed at 1024x768.  I just wanted to show that u see more in the 1024x768 resolution.  The quote is from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.  Its called "A Dream Within a Dream".  The quote says "Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream"