Welcome to Nothing Lasts Forever.  This is an archive of the layouts that I have previously made.  I don't know if anybody cares about the layouts I've made before, but if there are people like me then hopefully they'll find use in this page.  I look at other peoples archives to get ideas for my own when I get "web designing" block (I don't know what its called).  Of course, it just gives me ideas, I NEVER copy them in any way, that's just wrong and stupid, and I hope nobody will copy mine.  If I find a website that copies any of my layouts then I will become your worst nightmare XP.  So BEWARE THE WRATH OF THE INSANE RED-HEAD!!!!!  MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!  **stares at you with an evil grin** So you bets not be doin that, ya hear?!?  ^^  So pick the web site you want to see the layouts for and have fun looking at my layouts, heh heh heh ^^;;;;;.

+--Golden Galaxy--+
+--Manatsu no Eve--+
+--Insane Red-Head--+
+--Burning Flame--+
+--Linkies Linkies--+

+--Requirements--800x600+ --IE5--Verdana--My Foot-- --+
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