Survey 3

Full Name- Holly **mumbles**
Nicknames- Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawlzee
Age- 16
Birthday- July 31, 1985
Zodiac Sign- Leo
Element- Wood
School- **mumbles**
Grade- 11th
Height- 5'6"
Hair Color- Red
Eye Color- Green
Homepage URL- thats a silly question
Lucky #- 731
Religion- . . .

Smartest- Camay and Lisa
Funniest- Their all funny
Best Eyes- I don't know
Best Hair- dunno
Best Wardrobe- Camay
Best Smile- O_o I dunno
Best Laugh- uhhhhhh
Most Sarcastic- Brittany
Most Boring- none of my friends are boring
Meanest- hmmmmm
Nicest- allll
Sweetest- hmmmmm
Most Athletic- Jennifer
Most Non-Athletic- Can I say me??
Shortest- Camay
Tallest- heh heh, can i say me?
Best Liar- I don't know
Most Gullable- Either Kristen or Camay. I think Kristen beats Camay on being gullable, hmmm.
Biggest Daddy's Girl- I don't know
Biggest Mamma's Boy- I don't know
Most Annoying- None!
Most Talkative- Ummm, I don't know
Loudest- uhhhhh
Quietest- Jennifer
Most down-to-Earth- Brittany
Most Mature- Brittany
Most Immature- hmmmmm, I think Camay
Bitchiest- O_o;;;; I'm not going to list my friends like that!

Color- Too many to choose from, depends on my mood.
Fruit- Grapes, or Watermelon, hmmm
Veggie- cooked carrots
Jello flavor- I dunno
Ice Cream Flavor- Double Chocolate Fudge
Drink- DR. PEPPER!!!!!!!!
Band(s)- Dir en Grey, Boa, Malice Mizer, Due le Quartz, X Japan, L'arc~en~ciel, Luna Sea, Janne de Arc, They Might be Giants
Song- Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer, Cage by Dir en Grey, Schwein no Isu by Dir en Grey
Male Singer/Rapper- Gackt
Female Singer/Rapper- Megumi Hayashibara
Day of the Week- FRIDAY!
Scent- i dunno
Month- December
Holiday- i dunno
Candy- CHOCOLATE!!!!!
Scary Movie- Sixth Sence
Comedy Movie- Monty Pithon the Search for the Holy Grail!!!
Romantic Movie- I think, ummm, Somewhere in Time, ;_; I cried so much.
TV Show- Who's Line is it anyway, Drew Carey Show, Titus, Friends, 3rd Rock From the Sun, annnnd . . . I can't think of anything else
Cartoon- SIMPSONS!!!
TV Channel- I have many: Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, TV Land, and Nick at Nite but normally I just watch whatever channel has something good on
Radio Station- 98.9
Quote- I dunno.
Phrase- ummmmmm. . .
Word- eh?
Book- Napalm and Silly Puddy by George Carlin
Sport- I don't like sports
Soda- DR PEPPER!!!
Subject- Don't have one
Season- Winter!
Girl Name(s)- Dunno
Boy Name(s)- Dunno
Store- I dunno

==Which One?==
Burger King or McDonalds? McDonalds
Skaters or Goths? Goths
Popular or Unpopular? Unpopular
Black or White? I dunno
Pink or Purple? Pink
Silver or Gold? Silver
Pen or Pencil? pen
Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? Long Sleeve
Pants or Shorts? Pants
Pool or Hot Tub? ooo, toughy
Sweet or Sour? Sweet
Salt or Pepper? Both!

Who do you hang with? (Preps, Geeks, Goths, Sk8ers, etc.) Normal people . . .
Do you hear voices in your head? . . . . . . yes
If yes, what do they tell you? To sacrafice a chicken to the mighty beaver god
Do you own any stuffed animals? Yep
What color do you look best in? I dunno
Whats your favorite outfit? I don't have one
Worst grade you've ever got on a test/What class was it in? 42, Spanish
Do you have AIM(aol instant messenger)? Yes
If yes, whats your screen name? you reaaally want to know? You sure??? Ok fine, I have a lot so I'll list them in alphabetical order: Aeka731, Aeris731, Asuka731, Eternalsmoon731, Galaxiasama731, Hawlee731, Hawls731, Lina731, Marochan731, Mayuka731, Mightybabbit731, Odango731, Pinkrobosnail731, PSerenity731, Reiayanami731, Sea Cow Sllut, Sekushi Chocobo, SMoon731, Supersmoon731, Usagi731, Usako731, and Utenasama731. 22 screen names!
What are your pet peeves? Bratty People, religious fanatics, narrowminded people
Are you listening to music right now? Yes
If yes, what song? Tsumi no Batsu by Dir en Grey
What do you think of boybands? stupid
Biggest Whore- Britney or Christina? BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you wear glasses? My eye docter prescribed me some but I don't have to wear them
Do you wear braces? ;_; yes
Right now, is your hair it's natural color? yes
Have you ever thought about committing suicide?(be honest) Yeah, but nomatter what, I don't think I every will, I'm afraid to die
What's the last CD you bought? Final Fantasy Soundtrack

==In the last 24 hours, have you...==
Yelled at someone? Yes
Got yelled at? nope
Broke something? yes
Swore at someone? yes
Tripped and fell? yes
Failed a test? nope
Aced a test? Yeah!!! My spanish South America test!!! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT AN A!!!!
Shopped online? nope, no money
Beaten someone up? no
Got beat up? nope
Gone shopping? no money

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