Survey 2

1. If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why? Walk on the moon, It will be fun jumping up high in the air.

2. If you could share that experience with one person, who would that be, and why? Ummmmmm, I don't know.

3. What color do you think best describes you and why? Uhh, thats a hard one. I think . . . . . . Red, no wait, Blue, noooo Yellow!! NOO! Red, yep, I think Red . . . . . . . . . . . . that or yellow.

4. Do you know what your element is? If so what is it?Yeeeup, Its wood.

5. Do you know your astrological sign? If so what is it? Yep, its Leo the Lion.

6. Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul? yep yep

7. What is your most vivid dream? I don't remember most of my dreams ;_;. But when I do their pretty weird O_o;;;;.

8. If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing and why? I would be in a Hot Spring, ones like in the Anime shows.

9. If you could only choose one element to surround yourself with either a)wind, b)fire, c)earth, or d)water, which would you choose and why? I think Fire

10. Would you ever share you heart completely with someone else? If yes, who, if no, why not? Ummm, I don't know.

11. Who runs circles around your mind? Sea Cows.

12. If you had to paint a self-portrait would you make it a)realistic, b)abstract, or c)you'd rather die than have to pick up a paint brush? Explain your answer. Realistic

13. Which do you prefer more and why, a)natural light, b)candle light, c)florescent light, or d)moonlight? Moonlight, it sooths me and makes me feel happy, hmmm, i like candle light too.

14. Do you believe in karma? Do you even know what karma is? hmmmmmm, i dunno

15. How about fate? Are we all fulfilling a destiny here on earth? I really don't know about that

16. Who is the most thought-provoking person you know, and why? Jake

17. Who is the most inspiring and why? O_o;;; I don't know.

18. If you had to spend the rest of your natural life with only one other human being, who would that be and why? ;_; IIIIII don't knooooow!!

19. Which sense could you not live without, and why? Sight, I couldn't stand not being able to see.

20. Have you ever written on a mirror? If so what did you write? Redrum . . . . . . . oh wait, ur supposed to put that on the wall opposite the mirror, oops.

21. Have you ever written or drawn on another person? If so who, and what did you write/draw? I sometimes scribble on Kristen's Hand, and a long time ago I drew something on my dad's bald head while all my friends had him pinned down. That was A LOOONG time ago.

22. What do you wish on? Thowing a penny in a fountain, and sometimes the first star I see, and and and when the time is all the same number, like 11:11.

23. Tell the person who sent this to you one thing about yourself, however big or small, that you've never told before. Nobody sent this to me.

24. Right now is your life, spiraling, or ascending? Why? I don't know, its not getting better, but its not getting worse.

25. If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why? Umm, I don't know.

26. What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully, physical or mental, or both?o_o; ummm....

27. Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed indoors? Why? How about taking my cozy bed outside beneath the night sky? HUH?!? DID U EVER THINK OF THAT?!?!? o_o;;

28. What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Chocolate Fudge **drools**, accually, I think the moonlight sky, in the snowing woods, with wolves. Nice wolves, and deer. And the wolves won't eat the deer because they're nice XD

29. Name one person whose changed your life for the better. I think my Uncle who started living with us for a while. I have changed a lot since he's moved in. But now I'm glad he's out!

30. Name one person whose changed your life for the worse. . . . . . . . . . no comment

31. If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be the last thing you say, and who would you say that to? ;_; Waaaaaa!! Its too sad to think about ;_;. 32. Do you believe in heaven? If so what do you think it will be like? I don't know...

33. Would you rather a)run through a sunflower field, b)jump inside a waterfall, or c)hike through the woods? Why? I can't deside between running through a sunfower field or jumping inside a waterfall.

34. What is your worst fear in the world? Does it consume you? To be left alone for the rest of my life, but it doesn't consume me.

35. What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood your in? Everything makes me smile!!! I could be crying and then sombody would look at me, and I'll smile and laugh, but still be upsett.

36. If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why? i dunno

37. Have you ever written poetry? Have you shared it? Yeah, when I had to for school (answers both questions).

38. Do you believe experimentation can be a good thing? Why or why not? I don't like it.

39. What was the last thing someone said to you?Bye (I was going home from school)

40. What was the last thing you said to them? Byee!

41. If you had the ability to change one thing about the world, what would it be and why? That people would respect nature more

42. If you could go back in time, where would you go, what would you do, and why? I would go back and watch myself grow up agian.

43. What is the most bizzare thing you've ever done to yourself? o_o; ummm....

44. And finally, what makes you you? x_o; I don't know.

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