Name: Holly
Age: 15
B-Day: July 31
Weight: Why should I tell you?
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Is there a secret you have never told anyone? yes, everybody has secrets . . . . I'm actually Mse that catapults cows and various other animals at people.
Who's your Best Friend (s)? Brittany
Why are they your best friend (s)? O_o they just are
Do you have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend? nope
If so, what's their name? Bob
Do you have a crush? nope
What's their name? . . . Bob!!!
What would you do if they asked you out? Who?
Who would you tell first about this situation? Bob
What is your favorite color? Too many to choose from.
Favorite Animal? Wolf
Favorite Artist? ._.
Do you have MSN? no!!! ITS EVIL!!!
What's your email?
You have any siblings? yes!
Really? . . . umm, yeah
What's their names? Jessica
Wow: huh?
Are you tall or short? tall -.-;
Are you getting bored with this survey? yes!!
Why or why not? beeeeecause!
What's your favorite Movie? **mumbles**
You ever seen "remember the titans"? no
If you haven't, you should see it: I don't wanaaaaa!!!!
What is the Funniest movie you ever seen? Monty Pithon, the Search for the Holy Grail!!! THE FUNNIEST MOVIE EVVVVEERRRRR.
Scariest? hmmmmmm
Saddest? Bambi ;_; WAAAAAAAA!!!!
Stupidest? Monty Pithon, The Search for the Holy Grail!!!! THE STUPIDEST MOVIE EVER!!! That's why I love it ^_^

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