Real Life Quotes

Just some Quotes me or one of my friends have said.

Camay: Give beans a chance!!
(we were at Papacitas, and me and Lisa wouldn't eat the beans because we don't like them, and Lisa kept on saying "Beans are EVIL!!")

Mandi: **puts tape on my forehead** I thought your forehead looked empty.

Me: That movie was pretty good, but my butt got numb
Mandi: Thank you! I really wanted to know that. You know, I was sitting there thinking 'I wonder if Holly's butt is numb' I'm glad you cleared that up for me!!
Me: Your welcome, I'm glad to help.

Jake: Some people call me weird, I call it "Otter Shit".

Mandi: I want a pet duck. I have one of those electric fences for my dogs, the ones that detects when their near the boundaries and shocks the dog. I can just amagine someone walking by and seeing this group of dogs, and a duck.

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