These are my Opinions on certain topics. Do not get offended, I am just telling you my opinion. And please do not flame me because my opinions are different than yours.

George Bush
I really don't understand why people hate him so much. I didn't like Gore, but I didn't vote because I'm too young. I think as long as they're good in office, then its fine.

I'm Pro-Choice. I think you should have a choice to have an abortion, but that doesn't mean I'm going to. You should at least have a choice. Think about it, what if a woman was raped, and then she became pregnant. Would she want to have a child and have to live with it everyday reminding her of what happened. Why should she have to go through the pain of childbirth to a child she didn't want, and it wasn't her fault in the first place. And why should the child have to go through that misery? What if the child was a crack baby? Should it go through horror, being beaten, and rejected because the parents were too careless to use protection, or have the right birth control? I don't think abortion is right, but I still think you should have a choice, and that sometimes it would be better.

Violence in Movies/TV/Games
I don't think there should be a problem, having violence in entertainment. It doesn't corrupt anybody. I love violence in movies, and games. I love action, I love games where you can blow somebody up and see their body parts flying everywhere. Does that mean I'm going to do that in real life? No! I know the difference between reality and fiction. Because I was raised right. If the parents do their jobs in raising their child, there should be no problem with violence. But if they let TV and video games raise a child, of course they will be more violent. I think of games like that as a stress relief. If you're pissed off, go play Unreal Tournament and kill people. It keeps you from killing the jackass that pissed you off.

Prayer in Schools
I do not support this. I think you should keep public prayers out of school. Now, if someone wanted to pray while they're in school, that is fine. But what about the people who aren't Christians, who also think their religion is right, should they be forced to pray? And don't go saying "Well they don't have to join in", actually they do, if they don't they will be rejected and hated. They will have a bunch of people telling them that they're going to Hell. How would you like it if your religion was not the majority, and you were forced to pray to this different god because of pressure? How would you like it? It is mainly about Christians vs. Atheists, and according to Christians, anyone that believes they shouldn't have prayer in school is an Atheist, which is not true. It's all about Separation of Church and State, and also deals with Freedom of Speech. They say having a student run Prayer over the intercom is right, then you should also have other religious prayers over the intercom. It's only fair, right? Christianity isn't the only religion in the world, you should think about that.

Same-Sex Marriages
Yeah, I think that people of the same sex should be able to get married. They are no different than anybody else, why should they not be able to marry. I believe that love is love, sex or race doesn't matter.

Death Penalty
I don't believe there should be a death penalty. Life in prison is worse than death. Death is a release. So if a criminal is sentenced to the death penalty, they're getting it easy.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Personaly, I think the egg. Because I believe somewhat on the theory of evolution. Thats all that question is anyway. Do you believe in Creation or Evolution?

If a tree fell in the woods, would it make a sound?
How the hell should I know? Thats something that we will never figure out. I would think that Sound is Sound, even if there is no one to receive it. It produces a Sound Wave, it just depends on your definition of a Sound.

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