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This is the Layout to Unseen Miracle, a Shrine to Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.  I'm not fully finnished with this shrine, thats why its in others.  Its about 5% done.  I am in love with this layout though!!!  I don't know why, but I think its soo kewl!!!!  =D hehehehehehehehehehhe


This site never was uploaded, mainly because halfway through working on it I thought it was really stupid and stopped it.  Its a shrine to Fushigidane from Pocket Monsters.  It just seemed weird making a pokemon site even though I really don't like pokemon.  I think Fushigidane is the cutest thing though!!  By the way, Fushigidane is Bulbasaur's name in the original japanese version.

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This is the Layout of my Compy Goodies page.  It has things you can use on your computer.  The top pic is the main page and the bottom is what all the other pages look like.  That's the wallpaper section, if you didn't notice.  Later on I deleted everything, and only had Wallpapers and Winamp Skins.  I really like this layout.  Its very simple.  It has Luna and Artemis from the BSSM: Another Story RPG.


This is the Layout of my music section that I took down for a while.  Its of Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series ^^.  I love those movies hehehehe.  The second image is just a close up of the rating system.  The evil possessed hands!!!  LMAO!!

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This is the layout to Nothing Lasts Forever, I think you have noticed by now ^^.  I LOVE this layout!!!  I was just messing around with the picture of Lain, trying to cut parts out and make it look good.  I put it together fast after I finished the Lain image.  I love this Layout to death!!  I might keep it up forever, but maybe not.