ugh.....the horror.....the horror

This layout, luckily, was never uploaded.  I can't believe I made it in the first place!  Ugh, the horror.  As you can tell I hate this layout.  It was a lovely PQ Angels picture though, but I just couldn't figure out a good way of using it as a layout.  Lets just say the final project wasn't the best I was hoping for, and after staring at it for a while I decided to do a completely new one.  When you clicked a link on the image, it would appear in the big black and purple striped box on the side.


This is the first layout I made that I uploaded it.  It stayed up for a while.  Until I got tired of it and changed it.  The only thing I really didn't like about this layout was the long text area at the bottom.  It was really long, but not that high, and annoyed me soo much.  I really love the picture, Takeuchi-sama's art is soo pretty!!!

I love the beatiful artwork by Naoko Takeuchi!


If Fate has already been decided.  Can nothing against it be done.  The End and the Future are one.  But we keep on living . . . for the Future.I loved this Layout soo much.  The only bad thing is that it looked HORRIBLE in any resolution besides 800x600.  Sorry 1024x768 people, didn't mean for it to look that bad.  This was before when started to use 1027x768 resolution, and I was fully gearing for 800x600.  Now I gear for all resolutions, except 640x480, because I can never get it to look just right for them.  Why do people use that resolution anyway?  Well, back on to talking about the layout again, I love the X/1999 picture!!  CLAMP's artwork is the best!!  The links are in the middle red part, and when you clicked it, it would show up in the bottom frame.  The quotes on the side is from the manga in Anime Extra.  It says "If "Fate" has already been decided.  Can nothing against it be done.  The "End" and the "Future" are one.  But we keep on living . . . for the "Future". "


I loved this layout, and I heard a lot of compliments from other people too.  I scanned the image from my BSSM art book.  Its a really cute picture of the Moon Kitties.  When you clicked a link, it would appear in the circle, above the kitties.  This is the 3rd layout with Naoko Takeuchi's artwork.  This was my spring version, and was up for the longest time.  The best thing about this layout, was that it looked good in all resolutions.  Well, 640x480 didn't show it all, but u can still do everything, and it looked fine.  This was my first layout that looked wonderful in all resolutions.

Just sit back, relax, and have a fish.


Beware the mighty Tasuki!!  MWA HA HA HA HAAAA!!!!  XD

This is the Summer layout for LaLa...La.  I really love it, especially sense it features Tasuki!  One of my favorite characters ^^.  Its really dark, but I like it.  It also looks good in all resolutions.  Well, all except 640x480 XP.  The only thing I don't like is that  in 800x600 resolution, there's a big gap of black at the top and almost no gap at the bottom.  Oh well =) .


I love this layout to peices, I made it with tables, instead of frames, I like tables better. It features Mana from the J-Rock band, Malice Mizer. And by the way, that is a guy. I've had so many laughs from this layout. Mainly from people saying "She's pretty", and one guy said "She's hot!" and then I tell them its a guy, and they facefault. Most of my friends aren't into J-Rock, so they don't know who these bands are. This is the first of the J-Rock layouts. I've been obsessed with J-Rock lately, and I'm sure there will be more J-Rock layouts to come. I love Mana! XD

Yeeey!!  Mana!!! XD
The sub pages =P.  Mana is so pretty!!


In eternity, our love won't return...
Kyo!!  XD He looks so kewl!

Another table layout. I love this layout too!! Wow . . . its amazing . . . I normally don't like the stuff that I make =P. This Layout features Kyo, the vocal of Dir en Grey. He's so kewl looking. He looks more normal in the pictures I used for the layout. I love the way he opens his eyes wide, because his eyes are weird and kewl looking!! Lol, I'm blabbering. This was the first layout I made a page purely from html. I've allways used html before, but not to do the whole thing. I'm going to use html from now on. I love this layout! lol =P. On the index page, the image has the translated lyrics of Yurameki, and on the sub pages, the image has the Japanese lyrics of Yurameki.