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Chibi Asuka!!!

This layout was never uploaded.  I had it up there when I was working on it, then I got sooo sick of staring at it.  So I changed it.  I like the image I used though, its a cute chibi Asuka!  


The first layout that I uploaded.  Its really plain, but somehow I like it.  I couldn't decide which red-haired anime character to use, So I decided to use more than one ^^.  The big pic is Sana from Kodomo No Omocha.  The others include Lina Inverse, Sana, Asuka, and Ranma-chan.

Somehow I really like this layout. =)


Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame by another human being - - Dead Candle - - Insane Red Head V.2.0

I love this layout, its very calm, and blue. It features Kaoru a Guitarist of Dir en Grey. This layout is best veiwed in 1024x768, but it works fine in 800x600. Rather different from my other layouts, I guess this represents the calm side of Hawlee (yes, there is a calm side, =P).